Investor Relations

Building relationships as stock listed company is like building reputation with end consumers. It needs strategy and stakeholder focus. Read more…


When you are a successful product brand you sometimes tend to forget that the capital market has other needs. We looked at the stakeholder needs and identified their way of approaching company essentials. We established the web site as the hub to go to adding contents on strategy, financial goals, market background and way forward.

The key messages from these chapters were then used as key ingredients for the Annual Report, upcoming investor presentation an all other IR matters of the company.

We benchmarked our initial content set up with companies with a longer stock market position and finetuned our way to market according to the findings.


Investor Relations is equal to building trust: but instead of selling a product you sell the trust into the company future towards key stakeholders on the capital market.

The described project is still in the roll-out phase, but the internal buy-in has been very strong.